Oct 2014 – Nurse eMMa’s Overfull Breasts

Nurse eMMa hasn’t had any relief in a long time, her breasts are absolutely aching for attention! She invites us in to rub and relieve her massive boobs in this extra long video!


Sep 2014 – Aching Boobs and Too Small Black Corset

Nurse eMMa’s boobs had been getting attention, and started to ache as they swelled with milk. She pleads for help with her need to be nursed as she lays on a plush down comforter. Afterwards, Nurse eMMa found a corset from when she was a G cup ages ago, and tries it back on. She pops out of the top of the corset, which can’t be tied all of the way up!


Aug 2014 – Baby Oil Boobs in the Shower

Nurse eMMa climbs into the shower and oils up her boobs, shot right up close and personal in full 3D! See her massive 42N boobs glisten with oil as she rubs it in. :)


Aug 2014 – Japanese Game Show Coin Cleavage Video

After seeing a clip of women on Japanese game shows taking home all of the money that they could hold in their cleavage, Nurse eMMa decides she wants to see just how much she can hold herself! Even a large container of coins was insufficient, she could have broken a bank’s reserves with her massive 42N boobs!


Aug 2014 – Fan Signs and Japanese Game Show Cleavage Coinage

Nurse eMMa recently saw a clip from a Japanese game show where the contestants compete by trying to catch as many coins in their cleavage as possible. She said she wanted to see how she’d do, so we pulled out the change jar! After that, a couple of our favorite Twitter accounts get a fan sign :D


Aug 2014 – Weighing Boobs and Pink Lace Teddy

It’s been a while since we performed experiments with Nurse eMMa’s boobs, so this week we tried to weigh her boobs. This is a tricky proposition, because the only way to truly measure them properly would be to remove them. Not going to happen. After this, Nurse eMMa slips into a hot pink teddy that hugs her every curve, and shows off some major cleavage!


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