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Jan 2015 – All 2D: Electrostim Orgasms Galore, Return of the Little Black Dress, and the Turquoise Bra is even Smaller Now!

Nurse eMMa hooks up her TENS unit to show BigBoobsGeek how it can bring her to full orgasms, so of course he jumps in to play with her clit as well to send her over the moon. Watch her absolutely writhe from one body shaking orgasm to the next! Afterwards, the Nurse shows off her newly improved bust line by modeling in the little black dress. Her cups truly runneth over, the dress is at maximum capacity and can’t contain her against the smallest bounce. Finally the Nurse shows off how massive her boobs are compared to a J cup bra that she’s modeled many times before as reference.


Jan 2015 – Long 3D Nipple Sucking Session and Sexy Wet Nurse in 2D

Nurse eMMa begs for her aching breasts to be relieved, she wants her nipples to be sucked! Before her swollen aching breasts were relieved, she dons the sexy nurse outfit to show off her ever burgeoning bust line. She’s absolutely popping out of her bra compared to the last time!


Jan 2015 – 2D Video Format Preference

Pick your top 3 formats you want the video in. The default is .mp4 right now, which is a large file format. If you’d prefer smaller videos with a little loss of integrity, choose your favorite format here!

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Jan 2015 – Up Close Handfuls in 3D and Multiple Angle Fucking in 2D

Nurse eMMa lies back to show us how much her boobs invade her space, and make breathing difficult. The 3D camera is taken in nice and close for an excellent 3D effect. BigBoobsGeek sets up multiple cameras and uses an updated version of PowerDirector to sync the audio for a perfectly synced multiple angle video of Nurse eMMa riding cock until BigBoobsGeek explodes all over her chest.


Jan 2015 – Ringing in 2015 with Nurse eMMa and her 42O boobs

A gift given to Nurse eMMa for the holidays, a T.E.N.S. unit, has proven itself a gift that gives back! Wanted by Nurse eMMa to easily assist in lactation, the device has been bringing her fully into orgasms when placed on either side of her nipples. The constant use every few hours has brought her countless orgasms, and caused her breasts to swell 2 full cup sizes from an N to an O. First pic on this update is a sneak peek of how the nurse looks now!

This week’s video is one of very many new videos shot featuring Nurse eMMa and her amazingly voluptuous body, look for more very soon! This movie is very large, 2GB for the 11+ minute video in full 3D or 2D HD m2ts format.


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