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Jun 2013 – Mens button down shirt and boob swinging on all fours

Nurse eMMa and I stuffed her into her 46L bra that she’d outgrown by the time it arrived, the two weeks of shipping made it too late!  We then further wedge her into a size 18 mens shirt that is stretched to the point of popping buttons around her bust, the top button nearly goes flying when she touches it to undo it. :)  After that, we decide to have her sit on all fours so I can get a nice low angle shot of her swinging her boobs for the camera. Her nipples just graze the bed cover – stay tuned for the next time we shoot the same scene, they may be positively anchored to the bed by then!


Jun 2013 – Satin nightgown, messy cupcake, and naughty school girl

One of the very best things about making a site with a girl who is as busty as Nurse eMMa, is that we try everything. We shot Nurse eMMa modeling her satiny nightgown in 3D, and then set her up with a plastic garbage bag and a cupcake warmed until it’s melting all over her as she eats it. We planned on her making a mess of herself, and we still didn’t catch all of the mess! You’ll notice Nurse eMMa’s huge boobs weigh the plastic in place, but ooey gooey chocolate icing still manages to get everywhere! Nurse eMMa’s collection of costumes is growing, but one of our favorites is her naughty school girl outfit, I’m sure you’ll agree. :)


Jun 2013 – Too small bra, everyday apparel, and baby oiled boobs

Nurse eMMa’s breast growth has been on a very rapid pace, increasing from a 44F cup to a 44N (on some days) in less than 18 months. She models a bra we plan to re-use until it absolutely fails from the strain of containing her chest. This beige 44G was the first bra she bought for herself as her breasts started to swell with milk, it simply cannot contain her any longer. Nurse eMMa then models a top she likes to wear out for a night on the town, showing off is the only option at this point. Even as much as the top is designed to minimize the appearance of her chest, it’s quite obvious she’s got some mammoth mammaries tucked away under her blouse. Finally, a return trip to the shower with the 3D camera in tow. Nurse eMMa keeps stretch marks at bay by regularly applying lotion and baby oil generously. We’d shot in 2D the night before, and she was ready to go for more baby oil as soon as the idea was voiced. You have to love a girl that not only has huge boobs, but loves to have them slathered in slippery oil and rubbed all of the time!


Jun 2013 – 3D video teaser

If you have a 3D setup, and you wanted a taste of huge oily boobs being rubbed right in your face, today is your day! We shoot a lot of our content in 3D, and I can’t tell you how good Nurse eMMa’s 46MM chest looks in this video. You can see for yourself! Enjoy, and feel free to follow the link to the post itself so that you can comment!

Jun 2013 – Saran wrapped boobs, black corset, rope bra, and Nurse eMMa’s swimsuit

Nurse eMMa always thought that being wrapped up in Saran wrap sounded fun, so we tried it out. She really enjoyed the support without any pinching clasps or hooks, and as I’m writing this post she leans over and says “Hey, the next time we try that we should use lots of baby oil first, and then wrap me up!” 😀 I think she’s got a great idea for next weekend’s shoot! We also procured a dock line, and made a lovely rope bra. Nurse eMMa also models her swimsuit, she definitely gets some looks at the pool when she wears it out in public. It’s designed to camouflage her shape, but it’s a battle against curves that defy design.


Jun 2013 – 2D oily shower, nurse outfit, and corsets

Nurse eMMa and I spent the weekend in a hotel room, shooting quite a bit of new content :) Many updates to follow, and another weekend of shooting coming up! We have a lot of fun sharing Nurse eMMa’s bountiful bosom with all of you, and we’ll be posting new content as regularly as we can!


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