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Jul 2013 – Too small turquoise bra (44H) in 3D, and cream puff boobs

Having seen the turquoise bra in person, I was underwhelmed with how the turquoise bra looked the first time we shot a video in it. I had Nurse eMMa try it on again, and then try to wedge the bra all of the way under her chest so that it didn’t simply act as a constriction device. The effect is great, her huge boobs absolutely burst into your face in this video! She is very rounded and full looking, it’s a wonderful sight to behold! We then decide to turn her chest into a massive pastry, and break out an extra large can of whipped cream. Enjoy seeing her lick up the whipped cream from her chest, it is a very sweet and sexy shoot!


Jul 2013 – Water displacement test

Nurse eMMa and I are both geeks to the core, we love science. She’s into astronomy, I just get computers, we delight in video games… all of the trappings of being Gen X outsiders. :) So when we started trying to find properly fitting bras as her already very large chest began to swell, we were of course intrigued to try and really quantify the size of her chest. This method of measurement I’m sure is wildly imprecise for two major reasons: Boobs float, and her boobs don’t hang from a plane. Her chest is of course round, as we all have ribs, and also a lot of her chest comes from under her armpit. All the same, it does give some sense of the absolutely huge dimensions of her chest. Her two boobs shoved mostly into a fish tank displaced 4500mL (about 1.2 gallons) of water. By the look of it, I think we have another test to try. Maybe next time we’ll make plaster casts and fill them for an even more accurate measurement!

Jul 2013 – See through nighty and baby oil + cling wrap

Nurse eMMa pulls a bit of lingerie out to model for us, a light and airy see-through top that is almost too small to pull down around her chest! She spills out in every direction as the seams struggle to contain her burgeoning chest, quite a delightful sight 😀 Finally, we pull out a bottle of baby oil and a roll of cling wrap to see what happens when you try to shrink wrap giant, oily boobs! The effect is very nice, as the baby oil makes the cling wrap even more transparent!


Jul 2013 – Wet t-shirt and too small mocha lace bra (44H)

We stuffed Nurse eMMa into a Men’s XL white undershirt and had her jump into the shower for a wet t-shirt contest! Her nipples show right through the wet shirt as her massive chest writhes under the very tight fabric. The shirt shapes her very nicely without crushing her chest flat, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! We also pack her 46N chest into a 44H bra from Cacique once again, a pretty laced mocha colored bra that sets off her pearly white skin.


Jul 2013 – An entire weekend of pumping

As Nurse eMMa and I cannot be together every night, her milk production is on a constant roller coaster of highs and lows. We decided to take a 3-day weekend together as we had no responsibilities to anyone else, and shoot a ton of content. The first update from this marathon weekend is a compilation of pumping taken most every time we nursed over the weekend. Usually, just as I’m leaving after a normal 2-day weekend, her milk really comes in the morning I leave. We had an extra day to see what happens when we keep the cycle going, and let me tell you, I look forward to never being apart! It really comes in! This video is especially long, you’ll get at least two new sets next week! As always, members don’t have to wait… the members content list is updated as soon as the videos are rendered and uploaded!


Jul 2013 – Too small turquoise bra (44H), swimming, and too small sports bra (48I)

Nurse eMMa and I have been enjoying trying to find tops that will fit her, as that task becomes increasingly difficult. We procured two bras from Cacique in the very largest size they offer, a 44H. In this update you’ll enjoy seeing what it looks like to shove 46N boobs into a 44H bra! I can tell you, the very moment I put down the camera to help her undo the bra, she exclaimed “Oh thank god!” as the last hook came undone. We also take a friend’s pool for a spin, and get some footage of Nurse eMMa relaxing in the pool. We intend to prove it Mythbusters style, but we can say that huge boobs are most definitely buoyant! Finally, we stuff Nurse eMMa into the biggest sports bra we could find. I bet you’ve never seen a sports bra with 4 hooks up close like this!


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