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Aug 2013 – Tit fucking, balloon popping, and Hitachi Magic Wand bondage

As Nurse eMMa and I shoot more and more sets for this site, we become more and more comfortable with sharing some of the most explicit details of what goes on behind closed doors ­čśÇ To start off, I take some baby oil, rub it into Nurse eMMa’s cleavage, and wrap her beautiful huge 46N boobs around my cock! We’d been apart for nearly a week, and I saved every last drop of cum for this scene. The time apart, the feeling of her massive chest in my hands and around my manhood – I absolutely blast her chest from between her boobs! We decided to mix it up, and shoot a balloon fetish video next. Nurse eMMa sits on and pops about a dozen balloons, as well as a couple super sized balloons! I can see how that moment of release when the balloon pops is such a sympathetic response, after so much tension over the strain of the latex. :) Finally, I tied Nurse eMMa down, and absolutely ravaged her with a Hitachi Magic Wand with a G-spot attachment. She totally loses it over and over again, her very sensitive clitoris and g-spot pushed to the limit on top of the thrill of being an exhibitionist for the camera!


Aug 2013 – Super round boobs and nipple orgasms galore!

First, I got down on the floor and had Nurse eMMa swing and slap her boobs right at the camera, her massive boobs look absolutely every bit as big on film as they do in real life! After that, Nurse eMMa gets a massage, and a lot of attention to her nipples. We had an entire week to shoot together, spending hours upon hours with our bodies nothing but skin on skin. We shot a two-part video detailing a very typical session behind closed doors (aside from our masks, lol). We once again captured Nurse eMMa’s very sensitive nipples on display, watch her body shudder in delight over and over again as I latch onto her nipples and take down her milk! We have a ton of new content on tap – some of it very XXX! Hardcore videos will be censored for the free pics, so join to see them in their full glory! Members never have to wait for updates, the Members Content List is updated as soon as the videos are uploaded :)


Aug 2013 – X rated debut!

One of the comments I hear most is that I’m extremely lucky to be with such a marvelously endowed girl. I don’t deny it, it’s true. She has an absolutely amazing figure, that cannot be denied. What turns out to be even more amazing is that she’s a multi-orgasmic woman, who gushes huge volumes of cum when she’s really turned on! Nurse eMMa finds a little light bondage to be incredibly exciting, so in our X-rated debut, she gets tied down and tongue lashed! Try to count the number of orgasms in this video – every single time she pulls on the straps she’s having another orgasm. Near the end she nearly drowns me, and I grunt an approval as I continue to attack her! :) We bring many towels with us everywhere we go, it’s absolutely┬á necessary! :) In our second X-rated video, we demonstrate just exactly how sensitive Nurse eMMa’s milk-filled nipples really are. We turned on the camera for one of our nursing sessions, and the exhibitionist part of Nurse eMMa really comes out! She’s so turned on by being filmed that she rolls from one orgasm to the next the entire time! (This video was shot as we nursed the second breast – she’d already been having rolling orgasms knowing we were going to film soon!)


Aug 2013 – Shout outs for our biggest fans on Twitter!

Follow us, RT our stuff, #FF us – And we’ll show you the love in return! If you run a blog and you love to collect shout outs for your sidebar – just Tweet or email us. We love our fans! Here’s a collection we shot on 8/10 in high-definition, Twitter really scales the images down. Click any of the images for the original 4000×3000 pixel image!

IMG_2141 IMG_2140

Aug 2013 – Glass door shower, Ren Faire cleavage, and black swim bra (44J)

After last week’s cream puff shoot, Nurse eMMa ran right off to the shower to wash all of the stickiness off of herself. She smashes her boobs and butt up against the glass shower doors, and gets her boobs very soapy and clean! We then have Nurse eMMa model her new Ren Faire blouse with her under bust corset pushing her boobs for the sky, they certainly knew how to make big boobs look huge back then! Her already huge boobs look positively gigantic! Finally, Nurse eMMa models her new swim bra for us, a 44J bra meant to support her under her swim suit. She was so delighted by the lift it provides she wanted to show it off!


Aug 2013 – Help us keep the lights on!

We understand that times are tough, in fact that is a large part of our motivation in building and launching this site! As of today, August 1st 2013, this site has made very little money. The costs of hosting the site, the cost of the equipment purchased to shoot the content, the software necessary to edit the content – we’ve spent thousands. We’re not even close to breaking even.

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