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Sep 2013 – Baby oiled booty and XXX corseted doggy style

If you love big white booty, this weeks update is right up your alley! The first set is all baby oil on big round booty. More than a few hearty spanks are laid down on Nurse eMMa’s ass as she eagerly awaits the next! The next set is what you’ve been waiting for, if you’ve been waiting to see Nurse eMMa’s face! Nurse eMMa dresses up in one of her many corsets for some hardcore doggy style action! Wait for the end of the video, when Nurse eMMa reveals her face to the world!


Sep 2013 – Nursing bra modeling and measuring

Nurse eMMa found a custom lingerie shop that can special order just about any size bra! She’s been losing some weight around her middle, and packing it right back onto her chest! In this update she models a 42N nursing bra from Goddess, and then takes her measurements with a tailor’s tape.


Sep 2013 – Fan signs part 6

This is the last batch of fan signs for some time. If you missed out on getting one, you’ve missed out for a while.


Sep 2013 – Fan signs part 5

Nurse eMMa and I have quite a list to go through yet, but here’s another batch of fan signs for our friends helping us make a name for the site!


Sep 2013 – Fan signs part 4

Nurse eMMa has gotten quite a few requests for fan signs out there in the Twitterverse! Running to the store for fresh markers, you can see the difference after 8 fan signs, we dried out a marker writing all over her 44N boobs!


Sept 2013 – Vacation getaway and Ren Faire cleavage

Nurse eMMa was in a fantastic and horny mood, and was afforded a short break from her family and friends while away on vacation. She scooped up the flower the maids had left on the bed, and placed it right into her cleavage to show off her amazingly huge breasts. Just to further show off her amazing rack, she takes a water bottle and does a disappearing act with it! In the second video, Nurse eMMa models the same top she’d spent hours walking around in public wearing. An incident from the day involved a Hispanic girl that turned around and practically fell into her cleavage, the poor girl’s eyes were as wide as saucers!


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