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May 2013 – Nurse uniform and some helping hands

As of this post, Nurse eMMa is wearing a UK 46L or a UK 46M depending on how much her breasts are swollen that day.  It is a wonder that about a year ago when she induced lactation, she was a US 44G cup. In this month’s media, she wears her nurse outfit and soothes her patients with milk and the unmatched comfort of huge natural breasts.  In a set of stills, Nurse eMMa and I attempt to photograph the somewhat unusual way we cuddle together.  Although I would gladly let her wrap her massive bosom around any part of my body for any reason, in this case it is because I can push the top breast out of the way so she can breathe as we lay next to each other.  After trying to shoot awkwardly with one hand trapped, we then decided to lotion her chest, together.  She loves to make sure her skin is silky and smooth, lotion and oil are very frequently applied.


Apr 2013 – 3D is here!

With the new camera in tow, Nurse eMMa was ready to shoot some new material!  Her chest had been growing on quite a spurt, and we discovered how completely inconsistent sizes are between the US and UK. Her US 46M was about equivalent to a UK 46K.  The UK 46K was modeled as we took her measurements to determine what the next step would be, she was spilling out of the top of her bra.

Nurse eMMa also surprised yours truly by ordering several corsets in her excitement to model for all of you lucky viewers, she loves the way they shape her body.  The corset couldn’t handle the load, and came undone on the top!  It should be a blast to wrestle her back into them as her bust continues to swell with milk.  Finally, we have a shower with lots of baby oil, which Nurse eMMa can’t get enough of rubbing into her silky smooth skin.


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