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Dec 2013 – 3D Bondage Oral and 3D POV Handjob

Nurse eMMa is tied down and giving a tongue lashing – the full video from this month’s teaser. Nurse eMMa cums over and over again, making her boobs jiggle every time she shudders! Nurse eMMa then gets out her bottle of lube and gives a spirited hand job that ends in a huge cum shower all over her chest and neck!


Dec 2013 – 2D NFL Jerseys and 3D Bondage Fingering

Nurse eMMa tries on some NFL Jerseys, and then gets tied down for some XXX fun. Nurse eMMa has her nipple sucked on while her clit is rubbed mercilessly. She cums repeatedly, soaking the pile of towels she’s laying on!


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