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Jun 2014 – Nurse eMMa wants it Doggystyle

Rounding out the month of June, we have a video of Nurse eMMa being brought to the most intense orgasms as she takes a pounding from behind!


Jun 2014 – Patriotic Boobs and Big Boobs Sewing

Nurse eMMa gets ready for the fourth of July, and models some flags as pasties. As a special request from a fan, she then sits down to her sewing machine and fires it up.


Jun 2014 – Orgasm Torture in Bondage

Nurse eMMa hadn’t had a good orgasm for weeks, so she wanted to catch up in a big way. She asked to be tied down and made to cum until she couldn’t stand it any more. You never have to ask for that twice! More new content being shot now, look for more updates soon! This week’s update is much longer than normal to make up for the delay :)


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