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Jul 2014 – White Dress and Black / Hot Pink Teddy

Nurse eMMa tries on a new summery white dress that showcases her amazing 42N rack beautifully, Nurse eMMa is a vision in white with massive cleavage spilling out of a top that just barely contains her bust. (I’ll work on convincing her to go to a Ren Faire in this dress 😀 ) After dressing so innocently, Nurse eMMa breaks out a black and hot pink teddy that shows off her every curve.


Jul 2014 – Swim Bra / Swimsuit and Little Black Dress Redux

Nurse eMMa’s chest is bigger than it was last summer, so she tries on her swimsuit with the swim bra that keeps her packed into the suit. Later she decides to try on her little black dress to make sure it still fits, as she’s a little thinner and a little bustier than last time!


Jul 2014 – Brand New Bra and Huge Boobs on Glass

Nurse eMMa needed a new bra, her old one was completely worn out.  Luckily her favorite shop had a 42N in stock that fits well and gives her lots of support! After she models her bra, she leans in for a great view of huge boobs on glass!


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