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Dec 2014 – Titfucking Up Close

BigBoobsGeek was looking forward to wrapping his cock in mountains of tit-flesh, so he abstained from any orgasms for a week before Nurse eMMa’s arrival. Deciding to push the envelope further, once Nurse eMMa arrived, he decided to continue his streak of no orgasms for the entire first night together again. After a long night of soaking towels with Nurse eMMa’s cum, BigBoobsGeek’s cock jumped to attention upon waking, and had to be buried in boobs. Enjoy.


Dec 2014 – Back With A Bang!

Nurse eMMa and BigBoobsGeek apologize to our members for the interruption in service, but promise you that the delay will be made up to you today! Soon there will be no scheduling travel between shoots, which will be readily available at all times. Today we have Nurse eMMa bound to a bed on a pile of towels to catch the river of cum that gushes out of her as she’s finger-banged and then fucked with a vibrator. After that, we have Nurse eMMa working her nipples with a newly rebuilt electric pump, with close ups of her nipples being pulled in. Next update – tit fucking Nurse eMMa’s huge natural 42N boobs!


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