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Which file format should I download?

Download the .mp4 format files if you’re on a PC, and open the files with the default stereoscopic video player. If you have a 3D TV hooked up to a PS3, download the .m2ts format files. Transfer them to a thumb drive and plug it into your PS3.

I’ve been working hard to determine the best format for making this easy to use 3D on a PS3 + 3D TV setup namely because I have two different 3D setups. My laptop has always just plain done 3D, I specifically ordered a 3D capable laptop to build this site with. Fortune later smiled upon me and gave me the opportunity to own a large 3D TV for a few hundred bucks (divorcing couple situation, no shady “fell off of a truck stuff”). Ever since I’ve quite enjoyed 3D Blurays, but couldn’t get this content to play on my PS3. I wanted the big screen experience, and I couldn’t figure out how to make it work. I’m happy to announce it works easily now that the right format has been determined. The PS3 might take a minute to display the movie file, give it a minute.

Huge3Dboobs.com knows that memberships are expensive, and not everyone can afford them.

There are a lot of ways to sell ads to offset your costs. I don’t like surfing ad-heavy sites, I know you don’t either. Nobody does. Running a site is also pretty expensive, so I understand the lure of selling ads. If you believe in trying to just do something better than that, please help me do that. Please don’t try to steal the content. DMCA notices aren’t fun to file all day long. Please just try to enjoy the show, and then Nurse eMMa and I will have a lot more time for generating content for all of you!

I’ve noticed that what would seem to be inconsistency in Nurse eMMa’s cup size.

It will be stated on any given day as what it was at that time. Her bosom is quite a dynamic and ever shifting landscape. Her chest can swell as much as two cup sizes when hormones are going crazy and she’s full of milk.

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