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Apr 2015 – Shaving Cream Balloons

Nurse eMMa explodes water balloons filled with shaving cream all over her huge boobs, and rubs the giant mess all over herself in this month’s update.


Aug 2013 – Tit fucking, balloon popping, and Hitachi Magic Wand bondage

As Nurse eMMa and I shoot more and more sets for this site, we become more and more comfortable with sharing some of the most explicit details of what goes on behind closed doors 😀 To start off, I take some baby oil, rub it into Nurse eMMa’s cleavage, and wrap her beautiful huge 46N boobs around my cock! We’d been apart for nearly a week, and I saved every last drop of cum for this scene. The time apart, the feeling of her massive chest in my hands and around my manhood – I absolutely blast her chest from between her boobs! We decided to mix it up, and shoot a balloon fetish video next. Nurse eMMa sits on and pops about a dozen balloons, as well as a couple super sized balloons! I can see how that moment of release when the balloon pops is such a sympathetic response, after so much tension over the strain of the latex. :) Finally, I tied Nurse eMMa down, and absolutely ravaged her with a Hitachi Magic Wand with a G-spot attachment. She totally loses it over and over again, her very sensitive clitoris and g-spot pushed to the limit on top of the thrill of being an exhibitionist for the camera!


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